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Yorkshire scientist person based in the North East of England looking to re-establish fandom presence on the internet after over a decade of thankless loyalty to Livejournal. Somewhere in her latter twenties which on tumblr seems old. Unsure of what this is going to be* but you should expect occasional fandom monogamy, books, films, telly, music, whatever nutritional item I'm cramming down my neck, whatever fancy craft beer I'm cramming down my neck, nature, science, wildlife, frustrated efforts at so-called art (mostly birds, occasionally fanart), and a predilection for Benedict Cumberbatch's weirdy face. Should fit right in, then.

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I’m a sucker for the jerk-with-a-heart-of-gold trope, and Sherlock is an excellent example of why. In fiction — as in real life — people often judge based solely on outward appearances and behavior. I do understand why, superficially: it’s a person’s actual behavior that affects the world around them, not what they’re like inside. But I think this is flawed reasoning, because it leads to charismatic psychopaths being praised while people like Sherlock are loathed. Thus the psychopaths continue to use and abuse until they take it a step too far and are caught out — if they ever do — while the damaged but potentially-good are abandoned and never given the encouragement to grow. Needless to say, I find this heartbreaking. The fictional reformation of a character like Sherlock is an emotional balm against the real-world tragedy of lives falling between the cracks.

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Sums up exactly why this character/show owns my heart and soul.

I only draw horses now.

This is giving me so much grief. I started painting the third version yesterday then woke up this morning realising I hated what I’d done and couldn’t be arsed going through the bother of fixing it. So fourth time lucky! This is my favourite version so far and I’m posting it just so that, if I mess up again, I can remember that failure I may be but I still drew that goddam bridle. Wow I hate drawing bridles.

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"You can imagine the Christmas dinners…"

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Hey yesterday’s pasta was pretty :)

Just bought tickets to see the Cloud Theatre production of Regeneration because I like nothing more than crying in public.

Digging the new blog title. <3
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It’s a bank holiday weekend and bank holiday weekend means cooking.


888, 246 red ceramic poppies in a flowing sea around the tower to commemorate each and every British or Colonial fatality from World War 1


images by Historic Royal Palaces &  Massimo Usai

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I promised memories-child a rec list of Sherlock mental illness fic. Here are my 10 favourites. All fics are, obviously, triggery for the subject matter mentioned in the summary.

Cold Song – eldritch-horrors
Wordcount: 72,586 (unfinished)
Sherlock with Asberger’s syndrome, and trauma from childhood abuse. One of the best novels I’ve ever read, although unfinished.

Hell in a Greek Myth - anon
Wordcount: 6 LJ comments
Best thing I ever found on the kink meme. A depressed Sherlock is given mood stabilisers by John.
(NB: Be careful to read in the right order. Part 1/6 appears lower on the page than Part 2.)

Consequentialism – iamshadow
Wordcount: 3,080
A beautifully unsentimental fic about John self-harming as therapy.

Thirteen and Awake - microcanonical
Wordcount: 3,513
Chillingly pithy take on teenage bipolar!Sherlock.

In Confidence - emmadelosnardos
Wordcount: 40,012 
Sherlock is in therapy for addiction. Done as detailed case notes.

Evidence of Human Life - the sardine
Wordcount: 16,906
Sherlock goes batshit NOS (technical diagnostic term there) as a result of being stuck on a desert island.

Mental - Boeshane42
Wordcount: 18,128
Sherlock in a psychiatric hospital. It’s probably not a spoiler to say that he doesn’t in fact turn out to be incurably insane. But some of his distress as he contemplates the idea that he may be is spine-chilling.

I’ll Have the Gun, Please - songlin
Wordcount: 701
Fluffy one, this. Sherlock prevents John from killing himself. Lyrical and sweet.

Lead - skinandpit
John and Mrs Hudson help a depressed Sherlock keep his head just above water.
Wordcount: 1,198

The Paradox Series - wordstrings
Wordcount: 98,863
Sherlock is deeply, scarily not right. So is John, but it’s less obvious. Beautiful like a conflagration.
(OK, so nobody within the Sherlock fandom needs telling about this series. But this list is in part for people outside the fandom.)


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Also, OP wrote Four Corners of the Western World, a post-Reichenbach fic featuring bipolar!Sherlock, a lot of kink and some excellent Hitchcockian spy thriller antics. Good stuff.

Yeah, the fact that Penny was too modest to rec her own made me smile-cry a little bit. Because as a complete and unified study of a specific condition, bipolar, I think it outshines everything on this list. Yes, even The Paradox Series, which isn’t as explicitly focused on how mental illness works.

Reblogging this so I remember to read them. I’ve only read a handful already, but the ones I have read are amongst the top 10% I’ve read in this fandom (and I’ve read a lot in this fandom) so it must be good.